The 9th Dandridge

Scots-Irish Festival

Pipe Bands, Celtic Entertainers, Athletics Demos

Dance Demos, Food & Merchandise from the British Isles

September 26, 2015   Dandridge, Tennessee

Clans and Organizations

An essential part of the Dandridge Scots-Irish Festival is the participation of the Highland Clan societies and Heritage organizations. The word 'Clan' means family. Each Clan has a unique tartan with a plaid pattern that belongs exclusively to them. Find your family name at one of these tents and there will be someone there to welcome you and acquaint you with your family history. Don't know if you are part of a Clan? Are you interested in learning more about the history of the original Scots and Scots-Irish settlers of our area? The cultural heritage organizations located in the Clan area will be on hand to answer your questions.


Our Honored Clan for 2014 was Clan Keith

The Keiths traced their origins back to an ancient Rhineland tribe called the Catti. Sometime in the first century BC, so the legend goes, the Catti fought the Romans in the Hercynian forest: their retreat took them by Katwyck on the Rhine to embark for Scotland from the coast of Holland. Just how many Catti took to the boats in the exodus is not known but they eventually made landfall in Caithness or as it was perhaps more recognizably known in first-century Scotland - Cattiness.

From the time they landed the Catti began to multiply significantly and adopted the local ways by joining the clan system as Clan Chattan. The clan spread throughout the north of Scotland and , as with all success stories of their time, what the Catti couldn't win with the sword they won by marriage. Most of all they seemed to have had a sixth sense when it came to making a decision about which side to support in the wars and power struggles of the coming centuries. By this time the family name had changed to Keth or Keith.

Many who belong to Clan Keith do not bear the Keith surname. Some descend through a maternal line. Others derive from genetic Keiths who assumed different surnames, and still others come from families which gathered under the banner of the Clan Keith in early times and are considered equal to Keiths in their belonging. Clansmen of the latter two definitions derive from what are called "septs". They include:

Austin, Cate(s), Dickson, Dixon, Dixson, Dick, Falconer, Faulkner, Harvey, Hackston, Haxton, Hervey, Hurrie, Hurry, Keath, Keech, Keeth, Keyth, Kite, Lumgair, MacKeith, Marshall, Urie, Urry 



2014 Clans and Organizations