The 9th Dandridge

Scots-Irish Festival

Pipe Bands, Celtic Entertainers, Athletics Demos

Dance Demos, Food & Merchandise from the British Isles

September 26, 2015   Dandridge, Tennessee

Proudly presented by the Dandridge Community Trust / A Main Street Program

Scots-Irish History

Who were the Scots-Irish? Where did they come from? How did they influence the early history and eventually the creation of the United States of America? Here are some articles and information to get you started.

Here's a brief newspaper article talking about the Scots-Irish and their whisky making. Thanks to Gayle Page from the Jefferson County Standard-Banner.

Follow this link to an informative essay by Mary A. Hess, who writes about Scottish and Scotch-Irish Americans as part of a series about countries and their cultures. It is a good overview that touches on several major points, including settlement patterns, the Ulster Plantation, even music and cuisine. 

The following is a series of six essays written by Professor Michael Montgomery that were originally published in the Journal Of East Tennessee History.

Here is a link to a thesis, written by Lawrence E. Bethune, which he calls his M.U.S.I.C. Project. This acronym stands for:  Musical Unique Identifiable Scottish Characteristic. This research article will be of particular interest to our friends and close neighbors in Western North Carolina, as he goes in to great detail about Scottish and Scotch-Irish influences there.

The Celtic Influence on Appalachian Music


Stevan Jackson is a freelance writer, musician on Celtic harp and fingerstyle guitar, ethnomusicologist, and Irish scholar.