The 9th Dandridge

Scots-Irish Festival

Pipe Bands, Celtic Entertainers, Athletics Demos

Dance Demos, Food & Merchandise from the British Isles

September 26, 2015   Dandridge, Tennessee

Proudly presented by the Dandridge Community Trust / A Main Street Program

Kirking Service

from the Scottish Gaelic word kirk which means church, in this usage means “blessing.”

Early churches in Jefferson County were organized by the Quakers, Baptists, and Presbyterians. Perhaps because the region was initially settled by Scots-Irish, Presbyterians were the first to establish congregations in present-day East Tennessee, just as they did in Jefferson County. Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Dandridge, was organized in 1785 as the first church in the county. 

Early records of Methodism are not clear as to the first congregations. A brick building was erected in Dandridge in 1828, with a deed following for the property in 1829, the location where First United Methodist, Dandridge, continues to hold services today. The congregation divided over the slavery issue, with members of both segments using the same building.

Extracted from Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research

in Jefferson County, Tennessee, copyright ©1995 Billie R. McNamara.


First United Methodist Church of Dandridge will conduct a special Scots-Irish themed service on Sunday, September 27th at their 11:00 A.M. worship hour. A message about the importance of faith to our Scots-Irish forefathers, a parade of Tartans, and a special music program will be presented.


First United Methodist Church is located at 121 East Meeting Street, Dandridge, TN 37725. You may call the church office at (865) 397-2730 for more information.

Get Directions To:
121 East Meeting Street
Dandridge TN 37725

Hopewell Presbyterian Church will also conduct a special Scottish themed program at their 11 A.M. service. 
Hopewell is located at 812 Hopewell Street in Dandridge. (865) 397-7562
Get Directions To:
812 Hopewell Street
Dandridge TN 37725